Diagnostic Chapter Quizzes

I have prepared for each chapter a diagnostic quiz bank. Each bank contains around ten, typically multiple quiz questions and provides explanations for each of the answer options. I list the link the quizzes below if you want to test your knowledge of the chapters or take a sneak preview. The quizzes are currently hosted by Office Forms. I am in the process of extracting the quizzes from Forms and convert them to formats that will allow instructors to upload them to Canvas, Blackboard, Mooddle, and other learning platforms. Those converted files will be available on the Cambridge University Press website for my book. Look for the tab "Resources" half way down the page.

Feedback: If you have suggestions for additional questions, clarifications about the existing or any other feedback, please let me know at Markus.Kreuzer@villanova.edu.  I might update the versions periodically based on the feedback that I might receive.

Getting Started Survey

Chapter 1: Historical Thinking

Chapter 2: Varieties of Historical Time

Chapter 3: Physical Time

Chapter 4: Primer on PR 

Chapter 5: Eventful Analysis

Chapter 6: Longue Durée Analysis

Chapter 7: Macro-Causal Analysis

Chapter 8: Situating Comparative Historical Analysis

Chapter 9: Historical Explanations

Chapter 10: Causal Process Tracing